Meet Theo and Jackie – college sweethearts and almost empty nesters. He loves to boat, she loves to beach, and together they love to buy, sell, build, and renovate homes. One thing they don’t love, however – staying put in their own home. Since moving to Boston after graduating from the University of Colorado nearly 30 years ago, the couple has averaged a move every other year, living at no less than 15 different addresses. “We love the sense of home,” says Jackie. “But we are most definitely not homebodies.”

Soon after marrying, Theo and Jackie bought “the ugliest condo in a pretty building” in Boston’s North End. “We had no money, but we could make small fixes,” explains Jackie. “We could paint the cabinets, change the knobs, and update the lights. So, we did.” The result – a home so desirable it sold the very day Theo and Jackie spontaneously put it on the market. They sold two more in the same building within three years. The last was not even for sale when, as Theo recalls, “A friend of mine called to ask, ‘So, would you consider selling your condo?’” Their answer was “yes,” and their next move was to Hingham, Massachusetts, where they would raise their three children – Hannah, Emma, and Noah – and focus on their real estate business.

Theo and Jackie have three children – Hannah (19) , Emma (17), and Noah (17).

After 20 years in the business, Theo and Jackie attribute their success to not only selling properties, but also selling lifestyles. To do so, they have assumed a nontraditional approach to investing – first build a home, then live it, and then sell it. “Unlike traditional, cookie-cutter builders,” explains Theo, “we’re not constrained solely by cost, but also by what our family is going to love.”

Nearly every room of 4 Foley Beach Road offers a view of the ocean, particularly the open kitchen, family room, and dining room where, as Jackie puts it, “you feel like you are on a boat.”

Their family currently loves 4 Foley Beach Road, which they built in 2017 but are looking to sell now. “It was a sad lot,” says Theo. “Nobody wanted it.” Theo and Jackie could see its potential, however, so, of course, they bought it and built it per their vision. That is, a modern, yet livable house on the water with panoramic views from the Boston skyline to the Atlantic horizon.

Jackie pulls design inspiration from her family’s extensive travels. For example, the wall opening between the master bedroom and its bathroom was inspired by a hotel room the family stayed at in Thailand. “I love that you can see the ocean even when you’re looking in the opposite direction of it into the bathroom mirror,” says Jackie.

Inside, the house uniquely features a built-in latte maker, a built-in beer dispenser, as well as three fireplaces. Outside, the house offers a built-in grill and a built-in hot tub, encased by a wraparound deck with a heated outdoor living room. Despite having made happy memories at 4 Foley Beach Road, Theo and Jackie are not sentimental about moving on. After all, as Jackie says, “We like new things,” and as Theo says, “We like new places!”

As edited by Mom and Jackie. Thank you!

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