Accustomed to extreme weather, most New Englanders can readily name their favorite season. At the very least, most New Englanders can readily name their least favorite season. Sarah, however, is not most New Englanders. “Every time the season changes, I think ‘this is my favorite’,” she explains. “I think, ‘the leaves are turning, this is my favorite! Then, the snow is falling, this is my favorite! Then, the buds are blooming, this is my favorite!’” Enjoying everything New England’s four seasons has to offer comes with the territory of living at her 17+ acre property at 4 Twin Pond Lane in Lincoln, Massachusetts. “It is just a magical place all year round,” says Sarah.

Designed by the acclaimed architect Edward Collins, the midcentury modern home was built in the early 1970s. “When we bought it, it had been loved, but not recently updated,” explains Sarah. So, they went in and did just that, down to the studs while staying true to its “intentionality” in part by opening walls, streamlining windows, and raising doorways. “The feeling of the house is all about its conversation with the land,” she says. “So, we kept the interior minimal in order to let the eye wander outward, into the woods and across the ponds.”

Ultimately, they created a highly functional space complete with ample storage, bedrooms, and bathrooms as well as a gracious kitchen and even a dedicated children’s art room. “It seemed like such a good use of space – to give our kids a place where they could feel free to spill paint on the floor,” says Sarah.  They also created an extremely “sleek” space prime for displaying art and, most importantly, hosting friends and family. Among Sarah’s favorite parties she often hosted at 4 Twin Pond Lane are a fundraiser for more than 100 donors, as well as a Christmas for more than 30 relatives. “It is a house the is meant to be filled with gatherings,” she says.

While welcoming and convenient to Boston, the private property also provided Sarah and her family with lots of “nooks and crannies” to “get away.” For example, inside she had her choice of several home offices and outside her children made their play in countless hidden forts. “They were always in the woods imagining,” she remembers.

The family has moved on and is currently looking to sell 4 Twin Pond Lane to a new family. They’re taking with them, however, cherished memories, such as their annual tradition of picking, cutting, and decorating a Christmas tree fresh off their land. “We would bring home the most oversized, Charlie Brown tree we could find,” says Sarah. “And those trees can’t take typical ornaments, so we would make our own out of paper.” And as the snow would fall and the winter season took hold, Sarah would think, “this is my favorite!”

As edited by Mom! Special thanks to my friends Tom and Rachael too.

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