The inspiration for Playhouse did not come from a mansion in Newport, a chalet in Stowe, or a townhouse on Beacon Hill, but rather a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, parquet-floored apartment in a nondescript building of Midtown Manhattan. It came from my first adult(ish) home, 6A.

After graduating from college, I, and nearly all my friends, moved to New York City. Specifically, I moved to 6A. At just 875 square feet, the recently renovated apartment was a blank slate that I could not wait to decorate. Any extra money I had went towards candles, throws, frames, pillows, and more pillows.

I remember being so proud to invite my friends over for the first time, knowing that visit would be just one of many. Right I was; 6A soon became our refuge from the City. 6A is where we celebrated birthdays, holidays, new jobs, old jobs, and maybe even a break-up or two. 6A is where we had too much wine and not enough sleep every single Sunday Night Dinner. 6A is where we went to get better, relay news, and, most importantly, execute pranks. Yes, 6A soon became our refuge from the City and, so too, an arena of our twenties.

My small, but mighty kitchen helped me cook so many dinners for so many friends.
The dining room used to be the second bedroom. My friends were SO mad when I replaced the bed with the table, but they still managed to sleep over every Sunday.

6A became my home. 6A is where I got dressed for my first day of my first job. 6A is where I studied for the GMAT, where I found out I got into grad school. 6A is where I wrote my thesis, where I practiced presentations into the bathroom mirror. 6A is where I honed cooking and hosting, where I wrote menus, set tables, and finally sat down to break bread. 6A is where I became “Mama Mere” among friends. 6A is where I became me.

Did I mention I like pillows?

Almost exactly five years to the day I moved into 6A, I moved out of 6A. It was time to move on. So, I carefully packed all my candles, throws, frames, pillows, and more pillows. I also took with me my memories as well as my newfound appreciation – a beautiful home is not a function of space or price, but rather of people and stories. I can’t wait to hear yours.  

As edited by Shealagh and Rachael. Thank you!

  1. Kim K says:

    6A was the best. place. ever. Long live the second bedroom!

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