Sisters Laura and Simone inherited many traits from their parents, chiefly a sense of adventure. “Mom and Dad, who were born and raised in Brazil, were at a BBQ when someone jokingly suggested that they should move to the United States,” explains Simone. “So, our parents did just that and have never looked back.” Likewise, Laura and Simone spontaneously started a small business and have never looked back. Specifically, they started Elburne, a shop of unique home décor ethically made by artisans from around the globe. “We didn’t have a business plan,” says Simone. “But we did have mantra – ‘what’s the worst that could happen?!’”

The inspiration for Elbrune, named after their childhood street in Brazil, was Laura’s and Simone’s discovery of Brazilian factories making furniture from reclaimed wood. They began importing these unique pieces, as well as complementary lighting, rugs, art, and more to their first shop in Dennis Village, Massachusetts. There, they curated a “coastal, yet eclectic look” with two customers in mind – themselves. “We realized, if we were looking for this and we were excited about that, then other people would probably be looking for this and excited about that too,” says Laura.

Since opening in 2016, Elburne has sponsored many local artists and has been featured in several local publications. Its initial success spurred the opening of a second location in Hanover, Massachusetts. Its success also drove the confidence Laura and Simone needed to take on another project – the gut renovation of a house in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. “Again, we thought, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?!’” laughs Laura.

“It was really outdated with DIYs gone wrong,” explains Laura of their fixer upper. “But for my family, addressing those problems was exciting.” Among the structural problems was the garage, which had been haphazardly made into a living room by prior owners. “The garage door was still there,” recalls Laura with a laugh. “So, we rethunk the whole space, considering how we would want to spend time in there.” To do so, they first replaced the door with a big wall of windows. “The natural light completely elevated the whole place,” says Simone.

To finish this bright and airy home, Laura and Simone lovingly appointed its interior with their trademark style including bohemian wall-hangings, cozy pendant lighting, and, of course, reclaimed wood furniture. Laura’s favorite pieces are two chairs, which she thrifted from Cape Abilities and then sanded, painted, and reupholstered to “fit the house.” “We have had no official training, but we know homes because of Dad’s work in painting, carpentry, tiling, and more. We grew up going to job sites with him where he’d always ask us our opinions,” says Simone. “Our parents have influenced everything we do in the best way possible,” echoes Laura.

Laura and Simone are excited to continue their entrepreneurial work. They are particularly excited to grow Elburne’s interior design business. “So much of life is off the table right now,” says Laura. “But making a good experience at home, thankfully, is not. It is one thing people can do and it is one thing we are thrilled to help people do.”

“Working together is awful, she’s the worst. Help!” jokes Laura. “No, we are best friends.”

As always, thank you for editing, Mom!

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